Loop de Loop
Looped Pillows made out of Mens Ties
Belt me out one!
Mens Belt Floor Tiles
Leather belts made easy
Seat Belt Colorful Hammocks
Taking everyday things and reusing them to things you would never think of puts me in a good mood,   especially when those things have to do with using them in the home some way.  What a great way to save the earth!  The statement we hear so frequently now, “Sustainable Living”.
The pictures above show a couple of my favorites:
* Mens belts recycled into Floor Tiles – What a great idea for a man’s office, or even apply them to walls!
*Colorful Hammocks made from Seat Belts!!  Talk about durable and fun!
Both made by  Ting in London
*Throw Pillows made from Men’s Ties. – You could have any colorway you needed, and in all different hues.  Made by  Dreamweavers