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Red chairs – Anything Better?

I love unique chairs especially red ones! A friend sent me this picture of a Mackenzie Childs chair taken at a local store. Can’t wait to see it in person! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Red chairs – Anything Better? was last modified: September 20th, 2018 by Scottsdaledesigner

Blogging? What Platform?

blogger vs. wordpress Blogging?  What is blogging?  Well to me it’s an online type of journal.  It’s also a way to get your branding out there.  Show people what your thoughts, inspirations and anything else you want to show on your blog is. How to get started?  Well, for me, alot of trial and errors,…

Summer Time at the Beach

Nothing says summer like the Beach. Putting your feet in the sand. Reading a great book. Watching and listening to the waves. Hearing the thunderstorms. Ponytails. Sipping on a glass of wine at dusk and everything peaceful. I love the days of summer.  I took these pictures last year.  Will take and post more soon. – Posted using…