Vinyl has come a long way. Gone are the days when laminate flooring looked cheap and contained seriously harmful chemicals, one being asbestos. Newer vinyl flooring gives you the look of hardwood, and the durability of laminate, at a fraction of the cost- but is it the right choice for you?
No flooring is 100% perfect, but LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) has some noteworthy features and benefits. For one, it is very cost effective, and extremely durable. The newest designs are stunning and compete with some of the nicest hardwood and tile alternatives.

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LVP - Newest Flooring Craze
LVP – Newest Flooring Craze

LVP - Newest Flooring Craze

Some other big pluses to LVP are that it’s low maintenance, it insulates well, and is comfortable. Vinyl is water resistant- making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Spills won’t seep through and are easy to clean with over the counter cleaning products. Scratches hide more easily than with hardwood flooring, which make it great for family friendly households. In the winter the surface stays warm, as opposed to flooring alternatives, and LVP absorbs pressure and provides cushion- something that neither hardwood nor tile provide.
The features and benefits are many, but what are the negatives?
Although vinyl no longer contains asbestos, it does emit gasses and chemicals called VOC’s. The government regulates these, but it’s something worth investigating, especially for households with young children and the elderly. Vinyl is also susceptible to fading and denting over time. Here in Arizona, with our strong sun, it may not be the best choice for rooms that get direct sunlight.
Lastly, although the newest LVP’s are quite stunning, they don’t have the resale value, nor longevity that real hardwood or tile does- at least not at this stage in the game. But if you’re not looking to move, this may not be an issue for you.

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