Embrace Chaos Before Brilliance - Scottsdale Interior Designer

Embrace Enjoy Chaos.

Life has our hands in alot of different things and I Believe thats a Good Thing!!

In my life – I am an Interior Designer, I am a Retail Home Accessory Store Owner, I am an E-Commerce store owner, I am a Wife, I am a Parent, I am a Friend – I am EVERYTHING! And why not!

Chaos is my friend. I Embrace it! I am more productive when life is chaotic. Chaos makes me more organized. I make lists, I follow lists, I time management, I am diligent, I am thorough! Chaos is good for me! I truly enjoy and embrace it!

As the picture says above:

“Embrace Chaos – Before Brilliance” – to me – “Chaos will allow you to become even MORE BRILLIANT!”

Vicki Bergelt – Owner of Vicki Bergelt Interior Design & Casa Chic Home Decor