Animal Prints - scottsdale interior decorators

Interiors are showing their wild side! From zebra to cheetah and even leopard prints –  animal patterns are back and again the biggest trends in interior design.  This trend never seems to ever fully die – and I love that!  I have always loved “Statement pieces!”

These pops of prints have been featured in every type of design scheme. Contemporary to traditional, formal to casual, as well as being used in every room in the house.  Nothing better than having a monochromatic master bedroom and a zebra print in the middle of the floor adding dimension or adding animal printed wallpaper to a regularly boring powder room.  What drama!!  What fun!!   Animal prints are out of the cage!

Not only are skins and textures hot but they are being reinterpreted in different shades and colors to modernize them.  How about a Lime green cheetah print, or a chocolate & purple zebra print!!  It’s here and available!! Everything in the design trade is joining the animal phase. Recently when shopping with a client I even saw tile and lampshades.

Don’t let these patterns scare you, you can tone them down by pairing  textures and solids and accenting with animal prints of a contrasting color, it will add a measure of exotic chic to any room with any level of formality. Remember my favorite statement – Less is more!!!

Be inspired and let the true animal out in you!!  Have some fun!!