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Planet Hollywood

Do you ever watch something on TV or on a movie and see something fabulous that you want to do in your own home? Well designers do it too! We want to be able to find that one client who’s design concept is close to what we saw and utilize that product or look. Expose them to something out of the ordinary! And isn’t that why designers are hired in the first place?

I have a client who is renovating her Master Bedroom & Master Bath. She loves contemporary design. I have chosen a dark mottled porcelain floor with a white gloss basketweave tile for the walls in the bathroom. Wall hung vanities in ebony wood with white quartz countertops. Because everything has such clean lines I need something eye-catching on the walls, more dramatic than paint, to make everything “pop”!

I was watching “So you think you can dance” tv show (I love that show!) with my daughter and they had sent the dancers that made it to a suite in the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas. As soon as the suite popped on the screen I screamed, “hit pause!”. There was my inspiration! On the walls was the coolest wallpaper I had ever seen! Retro pattern in shades of grays, blacks & white on a silver mylar background. Perfect! Now how was I going to find this paper……

Being driven as I am (thanks mom) I looked up and called the architects who built the new suites at Planet Hollywood, who put me in touch with the interior designers, who were nice enough to tell me the manufacturer of the wallpaper. I called the wallpaper company and told them how I found them. They told me that this paper was also in Lenny Kravitz’s music room! It all made sense………

Above & Below was my inspiration!! Get inspired to jump out of that box!!

Lenny's Music Room