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Looped Pillows made out of Mens Ties
Belt me out one! - residential interior designing
Mens Belt Floor Tiles
Leather belts made easy - home improvement scottsdale
Seat Belt Colorful Hammocks
Taking everyday things and reusing them to things you would never think of puts me in a good mood,   especially when those things have to do with using them in the home some way.  What a great way to save the earth!  The statement we hear so frequently now, “Sustainable Living”.
The pictures above show a couple of my favorites:
* Mens belts recycled into Floor Tiles – What a great idea for a man’s office, or even apply them to walls!
*Colorful Hammocks made from Seat Belts!!  Talk about durable and fun!
Both made by  Ting in London
*Throw Pillows made from Men’s Ties. – You could have any colorway you needed, and in all different hues.