Today my goal was to find interior design blogs that I could view to be able to network with and as I was looking at them one point that came to my mind was….”I really need to up my game!”

I’m just learning how to blog, do a website, social media….etc….and it shows.  I hope the others can remember their first post when looking at my site!!  These great bloggers are something I will look up to…yet should I walk around carrying a professional camera or will my iphone suffice??  Any input you can give me would be helpful!!

Besides that…..looking at some of these sites/blogs is very exciting as well as seeing so much information.  So much creativity!!  Nothing is a secret anymore and every accomplishment is shared.  No more modesty, just put it out there!!  Well it’s about time!!  Doing something great deserves credit and deserves to be seen,  even if we give it to ourselves at first!  Hard work does pay off!!  Having a creative mind is an art and talent!