My daughter and I went on the A.I.A. (Architects Organization) Phoenix Home Tour today and it was amazing. What inspi
ration!! I never realized the architects here in Arizona had such talent. It gave me so many ideas!! Talk about thinking outside the box!! I wish I could live the day over again and take some great pictures….to view all of the things that put me in awe!! Thank you Phoenix A.I.A. Organization for doig this. (BTW – I did try to say thank you in an email on your website, but I think your having email issues because it wouldn’t send)

Also, from a mom perspective, this gave me a way for my daugther and I to connect and with lifes busy times, we need to take these opportunities when we can get them!!

I am including this link for the Phoenix Metro Architects:

I have a couple of pictures on my phone not sure if their great but posting!

AIA Home Tour - interior design scottsdale az