I belong to a designer chat every Tuesday and the topic today is “What is my niche?”

Well…good question and takes a bit of thinking, can you smell smoke?

After contemplating this one for a bit, I don’t feel like I can just describe just one niche….I think I have a few different niches, so I will list a few that I am more passionate about. (You can recognize these with all the “loves” in the sentence, couldn’t think on another word!)

** I love to renovate. I love the history in older homes and buildings, I love to preserve or incorporate old and new. I love going into an old house and opening up walls to make it more open and into today’s world. I love to wonder who lived here before and before them and what they did for the world.

My niche: Combining old with new to give an updated look and feel

** I love to do framing walk-thrus on new construction. I always find hidden areas that can become storage. I find areas that reflect more or less light than I originally thought and use that to my advantage by using a mirror or a reflective accessory to bring more light into the room or a place for a halogen spot to light up a particular piece of artwork. Framing stage is also a phase to reassure any electrical questions you may of had.

My niche: Seeing and Understanding All Aspects of the Job in the Construction Phase.

**I love color. I love when a client is not afraid of color. I love when a client gets excited with me when I suggest using something bold and something that makes a statement.

My Niche: Color is definitely my niche!

**I love installing jobs. I love opening up the boxes at the job site and putting the picture that is in my head into reality. I love presenting the final project to client and they are as happy as I am.

My Niche: Loving what I do and feeling the passion until the very end!!

Old Roman Niche