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Sustainable Living is an extremely fast growning business in my industry now and rightly so.  For those that are interested “Going Green” holds the builders, architects and interior designers to a whole new level and makes us responsible for what we put in the clients homes and well as the atmosphere.

The BP oil spill that we see on the news everyday we will never recover from.  Being from Florida I hear the real stories, the real truth on what is coming up on our shores.  Everyone is devastated.

There are alot of seminars locally on how to achieve more “green” and it is not a fad.  Designers need to keep educated and stay conscience so we can offer clients “better” options.

I am attaching a video that was on the ASID website that I found short and good.  It is not a lecture, it is a point of view in a more human way.  Enjoy…….hope it makes you think.