I attended the High Point Furniture Market in October and the impression I got and buzz that I heard
was that it was slow. That the economy was definitely effecting market.  Well I expected this, in fact, I purposely went because of all things, I was excited about this.

I am an experienced designer with a new location.  I have been in the design industry since the late 80’s, working hard at it, taking time off for kids, working at it again, etc. etc.

When my husband took a job in AZ I knew that I had to start again.  Build again.  Start with a library again, seeing as I no longer had large design centers at my fingertips.  Well visiting High Point in a slow market and eager showrooms and reps have certainly helped me.  I never understood why manufacturers shrugged their noses up at designers and only welcomed the furniture stores with the large orders. Can’t there be both?Designers are the ones that are keeping the constant flow of revenue……..
Upon my return, I have received numerous amounts of material to help me facilitate my business and I will make sure I return the favor.  Thank you.

Now about the exciting things I saw!!

Below are just a few of my favorite things…..To hard to show alot of pics on blogger so I have posted an album on my facebook page:
Facebook Page – Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

Dramatic Color makes furniture - scottsdale interior designer
Lots of Drama in Accent Furniture
Mirror Image - interior designer scottsdale az
Beautiful Mirrored Bed w/Contemporary Flair
Leather & Fabric Sofa - home remodeling scottsdale
Winner for the Top Notch Upholstery
Global Views Men - home decoration services
Great Unique Accessories
Lighting can make statements - home interior design scottsdale
Crystal Chandeliers with Color
Palecek Perky Pillows - scottsdale interior decorators
Not Your Everyday Pillow